A healthy change!
Jul 25

The Heathrow injection, it ain't no joke. Since arriving here a mere 9 months ago I have certainly noticed my weight gain! At first it wasn’t such a huge concern and I figured things would settle down after I got into a routine and found a flat. But the thing about moving to a new city is, you…  Read

Skating Escapades
Feb 22

My flatmate has a real fondness for skating. A couple of weeks ago he convinced me to go along with him to an ice skating rink in East London where we spent a few hours amount several other enthusiasts and beginners. I hadn't ice skated in a while and hesitantly stepped onto the ice making sure to…  Read

I've gone off Groupon in a big way lately after some pretty subpar experiences. But this latest email chain really made my mind up. I made two separate orders about 3 weeks ago. I purchased a set of noise isolating headphones for 7.99 and a 3 pairs of thermal socks for 6.00 After about three weeks…  Read

Around the neighbourhood
May 07

I just wanted to share a few snaps of the neighbourhood I took during my walk to work the other morning. The streets are so colourful now. It's sad to think that in the next few weeks these pretty pink petals will be littering the roads.  Read

There are so many reasons to smile today. This whole week in fact has promoted a healthy, jubilant attitude in everyone I have encountered. The sun's magnanimous reappearance seems to have truly melted everyone’s winter blues. The atmosphere is light and pleasant and you can really feel that a…  Read

A white Easter
Mar 29

The snow continues here in Europe. It’s Easter weekend and Berlin is deserted, everywhere except the Edeka in the Friedrichstrasse station where people are lined up outside the entrance waiting to get in. I spent the day in the outer suburbs of Berlin in complete bliss. I was warm inside watching…  Read

I think every person in Berlin has woken up each day this week looking out the window in hope of seeing a melted yard. The winter has well and truly overstayed its welcome this year. The snow which was once novel and festive is now just a pain! The cruel weather teased us with 3 days of blissfully…  Read

The snow Kiwi lives
Mar 12

The weather at the beginning of last week was gorgeous in Berlin. Lunch times at work were perfect for walking along the canal and breathing the fresh air outside of the office. It was even warm enough one day that I went coatless for the first time in months. Then the greyness returned. By…  Read

Lost in translation
Mar 08

On our way to New Zealand earlier this year we made a quick stop over in Seoul. I was wondering how I would fare with my Korean language skills after such a lengthy break. I felt fairly confident when asking for basic things, giving simple directions in a taxi and ordering in restaurants but I…  Read

I like the emotional cleanse that accompanies the ticking over of a new year. It is like we all get a fresh start and feel almost obligated to make changes to our lives. That’s what new year’s resolutions are all about, improvements and new ventures. I’ve never seriously continued a…  Read