My flatmate has a real fondness for skating. A couple of weeks ago he convinced me to go along with him to an ice skating rink in East London where we spent a few hours amount several other enthusiasts and beginners.

I hadn't ice skated in a while and hesitantly stepped onto the ice making sure to stay close to the sides. But after a few minutes I got my groove back and I felt pretty confident and enjoyed an hour or so of gliding around the rink dodging the hazards and trying not to be thrown off balance by the show offs.

It was just when I started to feel really cocky that I lost my balance and fell on my ass. I was surprised how wet I got from a quick tumble and had to spend then next 40 minutes with damp clothes and considerably less confidence!

Last weekend it was the same flatmates birthday and his activity of choice was taking us all to a roller disco! I wasn't so sure about leaving the safety of solid ground again but at least it wasn't ice this time.

I roller bladed when I was younger, but I never roller-skated. The skates felt clunky and cumbersome and at first I was a little bit like a new born calf but just like I had with ice skating, I found my balance and started to enjoy myself.
I enjoyed it much more than ice skating because the threat of falling over was far less daunting. As it turned out I didn't fall and I managed to go quite fast and even tried to go backwards.

Now I'm thinking skating would be a really great way to keep fit. I might look into buying some inline skates and getting involved in the free London skating get togethers they have.

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