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The Life & Death of Paul Marrane
Jun 23

Remember those detective games you used to play as kid? Some of my favourite memories are of the afternoons my brother and sister and me spent playing our own version of “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” A couple of weeks ago, my friend sent me a link to an event being run by A Door In A…  Read

Free London activities are awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever lived in a city with so much readily available entertainment free of charge. From the museums and galleries to the plethora of parks and monuments. The discovery of the free comedy shows began with my move to East London, near…  Read

Live Film Orchestra London
Jul 26

A few months back I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Live film orchestra of Gladiator. The Royal Albert theatre A couple of friends invited me and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I love the film Gladiator so no matter what I knew it would be entertaining. Just the experience of…  Read

Blind Tiger's The Little Mermaid
Feb 06

A little while ago I saw tickets for The Little Mermaid production on Groupon (One of the better Groupon experiences I've had). I bought a couple not knowing much about it and then I found out it was all the way in Hammersmith. So I gave the tickets to my flatmate for Christmas! But on the day of…  Read

Comedy Night Stratford
Dec 11

As I’ve come to learn, living in London can be pretty expensive. That’s why when you find free attractions you can’t pass them up! A friend told me a little while ago about a comedy night in Stratford of all places and that it was free. She said the comedians were pretty decent as well and…  Read

Mai Fest
May 15

The first of May is a day synonymous with rioting, violence, police baracades, water canons, broken bottles, subways packed full of drunkards, stone throwing, oh the list could go on. But it is also a day full of fun, street concerts, street food, dancing, drinking in parks, meeting friends and…  Read

Berlin festival of lights
Nov 24

So a little while ago was the festival of lights in Berlin. I met with a friend one night towards the last of the festival nights. The festival was taking place across Berlin and over 70 landmarks were illuminated in different ways. We began at Potsdamer Platz where there were a few lights adorning…  Read

Rancid in Germany
Sep 25

It had been a while since I’d been to a good punk gig. I was especially psyched about Rancid as I had started listening to them when I was just 15, as a recommendation from my older brother. For the next few years they became the band that really lifted me and made me feel good about all the crap…  Read