So a little while ago was the festival of lights in Berlin. I met with a friend one night towards the last of the festival nights. The festival was taking place across Berlin and over 70 landmarks were illuminated in different ways.

We began at Potsdamer Platz where there were a few lights adorning the facades of some high rises. We walked down to the Brandenburger Tor which is always a crowded location but on this night walking through the Tor to the other side was like being greeted by a big crowd. The mass of people were gathered on the Unter den Linden side about 50 metres from the Tor itself to gaze at it in its lit up splendour.

The lights on the gate changed from Neon arrangements to 3D light shows projecting windows with dancing people and finally turning the gate into a chest of drawers that were being pulled out and pushed in. It was quite cool but we wanted to see something more.

We continued our walk and made our way past Bebelplatz towards the Berliner Dom.

This was the big finale. There was a large crowd gathered on the lawn in front of the old church and there was a street musician playing Spanish guitar on the sidewalk adding an outdoors end of summer ambience to the night. It was spectacular, the lights followed a great selection of sequences and changed the building into a completely new vision each time.

One of my favourites was the winter themed set which projected icicles and the words Winter is coming. I could have stayed there for at least an hour just watching the various illuminations.

It was a great experience to see Berlin in a different light so to speak. It was one of those perfect Autumn evenings that are still mild enough at 10pm and the streets feel alive with people wanting to capture the last moments before the winter forces us all inside again.

I think I love Berlin the most in Autumn and on nights like this one. Next time I want to take one of the boat tours during the festival.

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