A few months back I went to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Live film orchestra of Gladiator.

The Royal Albert theatre

The Royal Albert theatre

A couple of friends invited me and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I love the film Gladiator so no matter what I knew it would be entertaining.
Just the experience of sitting in the Royal Albert theatre is amazing. It is such an impressive and elegant theatre.

The set up looked promising. The big screen was standing just behind the orchestra and when the movie started the musicians began.
I hadn’t realised just how much music was played throughout the film, but there is music in almost ever single scene of the film, which the orchestra provided.

It was really incredible being able to see watch the musicians and identify all the unique sounding instruments.
Because of the volume of the orchestra, the film was accompanied by subtitles.

It’s such great idea for a night out and I’ve just seen on the website that they are going to do Amelie soon! I love the music from that film so I’m keeping an eye out for the scheduled date!

Have a look at the events here.

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