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I tried something new last night. I had wanted to experiment for ages and try my own version of veggie patties. Last night, after a lot of procrastinating and what felt like "cookers block", I finally started chopping an onion. Once I got started I just kept adding things, but it was so difficult…  Read

Focaccia burgers
Feb 25

Since returning from NZ we have been trying to convince any of our entrepreneurial minded friends to start up the first Burger Fuel chain in Germany. So far it has only migrated as far as Australia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt and Dubai. Unfortunately Germany just doesn't know what it's missing. As…  Read

(Trying to) bake a Pavlova
Dec 27

My second German Christmas was an improvement on the first. I went out for a Christmas breakfast with my boyfriend and we found a place that had poached eggs on the menu. We finished off with a walk through the park walking through lots of young families and kids in oversized winter jackets. The…  Read

Chicken pie
Nov 05

Last night we cooked our first meal in our new kitchen. It was a cold night and we wanted something hearty and delicious. So we made an old favourite: Chicken pie. If you haven’t made this before it is incredibly fail proof and so addictive. For ages I thought the supermarkets in Germany didn’t…  Read

Stuffed Capsicums
Oct 10

This weekend was a great food weekend. Unfortunately I don’t eat extremely well during the week. Partly because the kitchen in my current flat is pretty much a bio hazard and partly due to time constraints. So I eagerly await the weekend rolling around and I have a whole morning to make a healthy…  Read

For about 7 or 8 months now, my boyfriend has been trying to master the perfect poached egg. Poached eggs are not at all common in Germany. The first time I suggested this delicious treat for breakfast we had to google images of eggs Benedict so I could show him what I was trying to describe. He…  Read