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London Seoul

Arriving back in Berlin was a really emotional experience. I felt so protective of it when I heard tourists talking about it on the plane and when we landed I just wanted to get through security as quickly as possible to jump on the fast train and get to Alexanderplatz. It’s such a nice feeling…  Read

I’m sorry to rub it in for you kids on the other side of the globe, but here in Berlin we just had one of those perfect summer weekends. It’s still a little unpredictable in Europe but it’s safe to assume you can leave the house in the morning without stockings under your dress. I actually…  Read

Three districts in one day
May 06

Do you have Crowded house in your head after reading the title? On Saturday evening we headed towards Neukölln in the south east of Berlin. This area is one that I sadly haven’t had a lot of experience with and in fact much of the time I hear expats talk about the district as though it is so far…  Read

Flat whites and a panoramic view
Apr 15

The skies are blue and the sun is shining on my back as I sit here and type. It is finally spring/summer in Berlin and it feels amazing. I spent my lunch break in the hot sun in a park nearby my office. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea. It was amazing to see the neighbourhood sprout to…  Read

German supermarkets and all their treasures
Apr 10

One of my favourite things to do in any new country is get into a supermarket and check out the local products. It’s one of the best ways of introducing yourself to an important part of the culture. Some of my favourite supermarkets are in South Korea, surrounded by sales pitches bellowing from…  Read

A Berlin week
Mar 03

I love that you can live in a city for a long time and still be pleasantly surprised walking around the corner of a regularly walked street from one day to the next. Berlin is the perfect place for continual discovery. I think I will always be in awe of the diversity of this city. During one of my…  Read

If you have visited or lived in Berlin, you will be familiar with the very real and valid fear of being hit by a bicycle. I come from a place where pedestrians own the footpath and we very self-righteously hold the right to damn any cyclist who dares to take up space on our path. Before arriving in…  Read

A taste of home in Berlin
Feb 16

Sometimes even the best currywurst just won't satisfy. I just crave something like a marmite sandwich or a paua fritter. It’s the taste of home, comforting and familiar. I remember being on holiday in Greece and craving salt and vinegar chips. Greece! Greece, with some of the juiciest, freshest…  Read

Oh the perks of returning from a holiday. When you travel from New Zealand to Germany like I just have there is a time difference of exactly 12 hours. That means a lot of fun for your body clock. I’ve woken up at 4am the past two mornings, and I’ve been wide awake. No amount of force can get me…  Read

Dec 11

The best part of Berlin in December is definitely the festiveness all around. This is quite literally manifested in the ubiquitous Weihnachtsmarkts. What better way to reign in the Christmas spirit than by standing around a fire with a glass of hot Glühwein and a Bratwurst. There are officially…  Read