Sometimes even the best currywurst just won't satisfy. I just crave something like a marmite sandwich or a paua fritter. It’s the taste of home, comforting and familiar.
I remember being on holiday in Greece and craving salt and vinegar chips. Greece! Greece, with some of the juiciest, freshest most delicious food I’ve ever tasted. It’s illogical but it happens.

My biggest cravings here in Berlin are a good flat white (Most often you will only find a Milch kaffee or at best a latte macchiato on a Berlin coffee menu), Marmite on toast, Vogels and Molenberg bread, pies, orange chocolate chip ice cream, milkshakes, and of course Black knight liquorice!

For us (Kiwi, British & Aussie) expats out there in Berlin there are places that can sate our cravings! I’ve had a good look around and so far I’ve found something for almost every hankering. Unfortunately, Marmite fails to appear on this list, unless you like that nasty British stuff - then I can help you out. On a side note, the Sanitarium company have released news that Marmite will be back on the shelves in NZ in a couple of weeks after a year long hiatus while they reconstructed the factory! Marmageddon is over!

First up on the list: The Dairy

I’ve read nothing but positive reviews about this place online from both German and Kiwi patrons. I’m ashamed to admit even after writing that long spiel about my many cravings, that I have yet to venture over to this cafe. It looks great though I’m so excited to try the pies, flat whites and cakes which are positively reviewed online! I think this will be on my list for next weekend.

The Australia shop

I stumbled across this little gem on one of my lunch time walks a week ago, tucked away in Neue Grünstr. 23 just outside of the Spittelmarkt U bahn station. This shop will beckon any Aussie with its flag proudly hung in the window. Upon stepping into this quaint little space you’ll find all your favourites staring you in the face from the crowded shelves. That’s right I’m talking Vegemite, Tim Tam’s, Milo, and Grain waves. They even have a few Kiwi favourites including Monteiths beer shining among the bottles of other Aussie brews on their impressive beer shelf. On the opposite shelf there are book and DVD titles like Rabbit proof fence and a Kiwi favourite: Flight of the concords. There is a well stocked book shelf with a few native titles around the corner and even a selection of Aussie native plant seeds! Souvenirs and nic nacs are stocked around the corner, including the quintessential Aussie Kangaroo crossing sign. The staff member that I met was friendly and happy to chat for a while. Definitely pop in here to stock up on your favourite bikkies or even if you just want to hear familiar accent!

Aotearoa Cafe
I have yet to check out this New Zealand run and named restaurant with an open kitchen enabling guests to watch the preparation of the food. They have a breakfast menu from 9 till 1pm each day. After browsing the menu online the breakfast menu didn’t strike me as particularly Kiwi but I am very keen to order one of their Kiwi burgers. Located at Weichselstraße 26.

Hudson's Cakes

This British themed cafe is tucked away in Neukölln on the corner of Boppstraße 1.
They boast an impressive menu including delicious scones with clotted cream and jam that I just can’t get enough of. Unfortunately the best stuff on their menu falls under the breakfast category which only lasts until 2pm and I’ve never managed to get there in time! But it looks so good, including the classic British breakfast of baked beans on toast.
This cafe has a great social event calendar with a regular themed nights like movie Monday, quiz Thursday, Bingo and Graphic novel nights among many others. Check them out on Facebook to find out about the social events and opening times.

Broken English

This one is easier to find located in three Berlin districts. The one I’ve been to is Körtestr 10 , 10967.
This is the place to go for your British groceries like shortbread, Bassets sweets, Bisto gravy, Colmans products, Kellogs cereals and Oat so simple porridge. Coming up Easter you’ll want to rush in there to stock up on Cadbury creme eggs. They also have a good selection of British beer like Speckled Hen if you’re into that sort of thing.
And if for some reason you need to replenish your British souvenir supply they have a variety of ‘Keep calm’ paraphernalia among many other things like tea pots and books.
You can also conveniently locate the store online and order directly.

Irish Berlin
Centrally located in Gr. Hamburger Str. 36A, 10115 Berlin, this store stocks all things Irish surprise, surprise. From cologne, tin whistles, Irish music, whiskeys to blankets and soap, you’ll find it here.
It’s online, although the website is a little bit messy, best to pop in and check this one out for yourself.

East London
With ‘God save Brit food’ as it’s slogan you can’t go wrong with this restaurant. They sell British drinks and food as well as imported specialities. This is another well established British chain with three Berlin locations: Mehringdamm, Gneisenaustraße and Hallesches Tor. They include one of my biggest cravings, scones on their menu as well, but I have yet to try these to see if they live up to the Hudsons scones standards. Another great feature of East London is their Sunday roast option, for a real touch of home tradition.

And for those of us who simply don’t have time to go venturing over Berlin for a simple jar of Marmite or a bag of Salt & vinegar chips there’s the online British/American food wholesaler, shipping to Germany for 4 euros

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