Oh the perks of returning from a holiday. When you travel from New Zealand to Germany like I just have there is a time difference of exactly 12 hours. That means a lot of fun for your body clock. I’ve woken up at 4am the past two mornings, and I’ve been wide awake. No amount of force can get me back to sleep. This morning I decided to take advantage of my extra time and uploaded photos, made a cup of tea and played a couple of quick games of Velcro darts with my boyfriend. Very productive indeed.
This extra perky morning wake up is of course coupled with a mental/physical crash at around 2pm each afternoon.

Getting back into the swing of things is difficult after spending time at home with family and friends, sunshine and delicious fattening food. I took a three week break from work, Facebook and emailing and blogging.

Leaving my family and lovely New Zealand again was so hard and I was caught thinking about the differences between the exact same journey I had made in July 2011.
When I left Auckland airport and flew to Seoul and on to Germany I had no idea what awaited me. It was a much easier flight this time round knowing I had a home away from home waiting for me to return. Walking into the Berlin apartment again was even better than I’d expected thanks to our sweet friend who had collected our mail and aired the place out for us, also leaving fruit, bread, cheese and soup for us in the kitchen.

The first time I flew to Germany I was full of anticipation, excitement, fear and anxiety. I knew I had a lot of challenges ahead of me and a big adventure as well.
Flying to Germany this time round I felt sad to leave New Zealand and my family and friends. The last time round I was leaving the New Zealand winter for the European summer. This time I left the gorgeous NZ summer for the snow of Berlin.
The last trip I didn’t know what lay ahead of me in terms of work. This time I knew and I was dreading returning to it.

Both trips have been difficult for different reasons. In a lot of ways I wish I was arriving for the first time again, I would do a lot of things differently.

My way of combating the Cinderella happiness of a holiday is to plan more. I need to have something to look forward to.

Writing my New Zealand travel log will be a big job but a fun one but it may have to be broken into a bit of a series as there is just too much to include as well as the pre trip to Seoul.

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