Arriving back in Berlin was a really emotional experience. I felt so protective of it when I heard tourists talking about it on the plane and when we landed I just wanted to get through security as quickly as possible to jump on the fast train and get to Alexanderplatz.

It’s such a nice feeling going back to a place you love after a lengthy absence. The sight of the amusement park rides which were just being put up, appeared in the corner of the window as the train arrived at Alex and a whole lot of memories came rushing back from my first Christmas spent in Berlin and cold evenings walking around the Christmas markets with colleagues.

I walked to the tram and really felt the few degrees of difference in temperature between Berlin and London. My face was freezing! I walked past the charity muggers who quite literally cut you off in your path and I was able to pleasantly dismiss them in German telling them I was already signed up they pleasantly stepped aside and wished me a lovely day.

Walking through my old neighbourhood to my old apartment was just like always with the exception of the trees which had noticeably changed with the loss of their leaves in the three weeks since I’d last seen them.

Seeing my Berlin friends again was the best part of the weekend. We all had so much to catch up on. The second best part was eating.

I had been really looking forward to coffees and breakfasts in the old neighbourhood so Dion and I went out to a couple of our favourites and I tried Maultaschen for the first time ever and they were delicious! Every European country seems to have it’s own style of dumpling and I fell in love with Pierogi when I was in Poland. The German version are also very hearty and perfectly wintry.

I was worried that it would be too sad to return so soon but I’m so glad I went back. I felt like it was just what I needed. Leaving again was hard, especially since I had to fly back to South end airport. It was strange getting back and having to feel the loss of Germany all over again.

I’ll be back. Bis dann, tschüss Berlin.

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