The skies are blue and the sun is shining on my back as I sit here and type. It is finally spring/summer in Berlin and it feels amazing. I spent my lunch break in the hot sun in a park nearby my office. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea.

It was amazing to see the neighbourhood sprout to life again on the weekend with the first glimpses of sun. The parks were absolutely teeming with people, laying on the grass, playing with dogs, grilling meat, throwing Frisbees and walking around the grounds. It was a really incredible feeling wearing only a light jacket instead of my big bulky coat that I’ve lived in for the past 5 months.

On the weekend I finally got around to dining at The Dairy, which I wrote about a couple of months back. I was pretty excited to check out the menu and get a taste of home that I’d been missing recently.

It was much smaller than I expected but there were two free tables when we arrived. We sat down and skipped through the menu. I knew I wanted a pie and a flat white so it was just a matter of waiting for the waitress to acknowledge our presence. Sadly, they did not have mince and cheese pies or scones that day for some reason.

The coffees did not disappoint though and I downed mine in a matter of minutes. The food was good but the service was disappointing and I also felt that the ‘Kiwi’ atmosphere was a little lackluster. Our conversation for the next 10 minutes after leaving was along the lines of ‘If I opened a Kiwi café in Berlin it would have …..’

We also checked out the Panorama Punkt at Potsdamer platz. This building is situated directly opposite the DB building near the Sony centre. Entry is pretty cheap, we paid about 4 Euro each. The elevator is the fastest in Europe and sends you up to the 24th floor in under 20 seconds.

It was amazing to see the Holocaust memorial from such a height. It is such a large area.

At the top there is a great panoramic view of the city from Potsdamer platz and information plaques around the building explaining various phases of the wall and the areas affected. It’s so fascinating being able to visualize how a well known site looked during the Cold war and even further back.

At this point after visiting numerous historical sites, and museums around Berlin it is rare to read a fact or interesting point about the Berlin wall that I haven’t learned. But there was a lot of interesting information at the top of the Panorama Punkt.

I would recommend this option over the Fernsehturm. It is much cheaper and more interesting with less tourists.

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