I’m sorry to rub it in for you kids on the other side of the globe, but here in Berlin we just had one of those perfect summer weekends. It’s still a little unpredictable in Europe but it’s safe to assume you can leave the house in the morning without stockings under your dress. I actually prefer this end of summer, when it is still cool enough that the days aren’t arduous and tiring through the heavy heat.

On Saturday morning we finally came to an agreement for my birthday weekend destination and set about booking flights to Napoli! I’m beyond excited about this upcoming adventure. The home of pizza, a city brimming with historic sites and museums, a gorgeous harbor, two fantastic islands just a ferry ride away, and only an hour away from Pompeii – somewhere I have been dreaming of exploring since 6th form Classical studies.

The booking was another story entirely! We spent what felt like an hour being directed to different booking platforms and entering our details numerous times. It was exhausting!

Our next stop was the Museum für Naturkunde, somewhere we had been talking about checking out for a while and it seemed fitting to visit this weekend as we'd missed our chance to see the Natural history museum in London when we were there at the end of May. The entrance way is guarded by three gargantuan Dinosaur skeletons. There is so much to see and read and a lot of the displays are interactive.

We were feeling pretty exhausted after traipsing around the museum taking turns carrying my massive handbag. Dion took on the role of a South Korean gentleman and gave my shoulders a reprieve carrying my handbag every now and then, in the most manly of ways.

Our next stop was the Sony center at Potsdamer platz. Although we usually cringe our way through the extra 40 minutes of added advertisements each time we see a movie at Cinestar, this time was not so bad and the cinema itself was pretty empty so we had prime seats at the very back.

I had been kicking myself for missing out on tickets to Before midnight when it screened at the Berlinale festival earlier this year and had to endure a painful 3 months for it to be released in the cinemas. I had to convince D to come along with me to see the final installment in the trilogy and he wasn’t so impressed after sitting through Before sunrise a few nights earlier. But he came along and was pleasantly surprised. The final movie was a beautiful addition to the long spanning relationship of Celine and Jessie.

We were ravenous after the movie and it wasn’t easy to sit through the scenes of the characters eating all of that fresh, delicious Greek cuisine. We are trying to find the best burger in Berlin and after ticking off ‘The Bird’ earlier in the year it was time to tick off another renowned burger joint: Hamburger Heaven. It is a little hole in the wall type place in Berlin’s southern district Neuköln. Other than being surrounded by hipsters for half an hour while we waited for the burgers, the wait wasn’t so bad.

We took our food with us and sat along the canal. They were pretty good I have to say, although we couldn’t reach an agreement on their place on our personal Berlin burger scales. I think they are better than ‘the Bird’ whereas D hasn’t yet been swayed. We still have a few more places to tick off and I'm looking forward to writing my own review of our burger research. Although, after looking through a lot of the lists already around on the internet it seems that nobody can quite agree on the best burger in Berlin.

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