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I was looking forward to a frightening evening full of fascinating history. I have a morbid curiosity for things like ghost tours and learning about unsolved mysteries like the Jack the ripper murders. There are several companies online all trying to outdo each other but essentially offering the…  Read

Alternative London Tour
Nov 04

People make fun of me for my love of walking tours. Yeah, sometimes they’re a little cheesy, but I like to sign up for the ones that don’t cover the usual sites. Berlin’s alternative tour is one of the best walks I ever did so I wanted to try London’s version. It was a fresh November…  Read

Borough Market
Feb 25

One of the things I'm going to miss the most about working in this area of London, is walking down to Borough markets every Friday with my colleagues. The first day they took me there, I just walked around following my nose from stall to stall. The air was so rich with different aromas and…  Read

Feb 03

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was interested in visitng Oxford initially after the allusion to Jay being an “Oxford Man” In the Great Gatsby. Clearly this title meant something of importance, that coupled with the Oxford English dictionaries spurred my interest in the self proclaimed…  Read

Jan 24

One of the best aspects of working holidays is being able to draw out the tourist experience when it suits me. I love exploring new cities but weekend visits always make me feel a bit anxious because I know that I will have to narrow down the list of everything that I want to see. I felt that way…  Read

One of my favourite things to do is find a nice little cafe, order coffee and sit and read a good book. For me this is a blissful way to spend a couple of hours, provided the cafe meets my strict requirements. Obviously it shouldn't be a bustling place and preferably not a chain, like Starbucks or…  Read

The choice to move to London wasn’t made lightly. I had a hard time coming to terms with leaving my beloved Berlin. The weeks leading up to my departure didn’t feel very final. Disclaimer: I found this entry that I'd written in my first week in London. That was just over three weeks ago now and…  Read

A little London trip
Jun 14

I recently spent a weekend in London. It was a wonderful 4 day weekend. Instead of a usual travel log, I wanted to make a list of the best and the worst parts of the experiences we had in London. On the lower end of the scale, I’d have to begin by saying that we opted to go to London during one…  Read