As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was interested in visitng Oxford initially after the allusion to Jay being an “Oxford Man” In the Great Gatsby. Clearly this title meant something of importance, that coupled with the Oxford English dictionaries spurred my interest in the self proclaimed best University in Europe. The city itself is within a nice day trip distance from London.

After a slight detour due to the floods we made it to Oxford. I love getting out of London to the smaller towns and cities where there are quaint cafes that offer cream tea and scones. I was looking forward to sitting down to a nice morning tea and found a place with cream tea advertised. It wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for, it was more of a faux cream tea.

We found our way to the street that seemed to be the meeting place for all of the walking tours and went straight to the Free Walking Tour company that I’d read about online. The guy was quite eccentric and we had a brief conversation about fox hats before heading off to quickly arm ourselves with hot drinks before the walk.

Our guide tended to go off on tangents and talk a lot about himself, but he was also quite entertaining. We walked past the first few university houses and he explained the different rivalries and threw in a few personal anecdotes for good measure, before making fun of the hat of one of the ladies in the group, which he would continue to do for the rest of the tour.

One of the best parts of the tour was having our photo taken underneath the bridge where the Oxford graduates pose on their graduation day. Our guide asked us all to jump in unison and we could later look at our photo on their Facebook page. As it turned out we were nowhere to be seen in the photo, except for my feet and Dion's arm.

The grounds of Christchurch were flooded and it looked like it was a natural lake that the ducks had inhabited. After we had a look around for somewhere we could get a good dinner and walked into what looked like an old English pub but turned out to be a Thai restaurant.

We had train tickets booked back to London for later in the evening but the cold encouraged us to leave much earlier and it was a good thing we did because of the detouring trains on the way back due to the floods in the area.

Oxford was a really lovely day trip and only just over an hour from London for around £35 return.

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