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Travel Log Morocco - 2 days in Marrakech
Aug 04

Morocco is like it’s own little world. I was lucky enough to visit 5 different cities and arriving in each new place, felt like visiting a new country. I started in Marrakesh arriving in the middle of summer and 4 hours ahead of my friend, we had already planned that I would wait for her at the…  Read

Sep 21

I'd been meaning to get up to Manchester for the past couple of years. It was not a destination that I'd had much interest in visiting but an old friend lives there and our exchanges about meeting up had been relentlessly thwarted for an entire year. So last Bank holiday weekend we bit the bullet…  Read

Le Cinque Terre
Jun 08

One of Italy's coastal gems, The Cinque Terre is a gorgeous holiday spot made up of five little villages which are connected by mountain trails. It is a great place to visit if you are an avid hiker, and even if you're not and unfit, there are easier trails you can opt to take. Part of the charm of…  Read

A Sunday in Salzburg
May 08

After checking in to our funny little hotel room, we set out in search of food. One of the first places we saw caught our eye was a restaurant that was part of a hotel and had a screen just inside the entrance with live footage of the cows on the owners farm. “This is what you ate” he would…  Read

Two Days in Copenhagen
Nov 28

I think you can generally pick out your favourite things about a city within the first hour of being there, granted you are outside the airport within that time. For me and Copenhagen it was the bakeries and the people. Later on I also added the public toilets to this list. Yum! I didn’t even…  Read

Guest post: Dubai
May 03

My very talented older brother is in his final months of living in Dubai before swapping continents and starting all over again in Asia. I thought this would be the perfect time for him to write a kind of farewell letter to Dubai and his expat life. I love to get a local's take on a location, and…  Read

Travel log: Krakow
Apr 09

Krakow was the top destination on my Poland map and so a friend and I booked tickets for Easter weekend arriving on Saturday morning and leaving Tuesday morning. The hostel was located just off of the marvelous Market square. Our first stop after checking in was the Salt mines. We jumped on a bus…  Read

Travel log: Egypt part 2
Jan 08

Next stop Cairo. I was so excited to arrive knowing that our trek into the desert awaited us. When we arrived at our hostel we promptly set about inquiring about the available package tours for venturing into Giza. As we soon learned everyone in Egypt is trying to hook up their friend or relative…  Read

Travel log: Egypt part 1
Jan 08

For as long as I can remember I had wanted to travel to Egypt. I was obsessed with mummies, and pharaohs and the pyramids when I was younger and could only dream of going to this exotic place in Northern Africa. So when my contract was nearing it’s end in South Korea I started to think about…  Read

Travel log: Freiburg
Dec 12

My decision to start my German experience in Freiburg was quite easily made, if not made for me. You see it goes back to the beginning when I was sitting in a cafe in Auckland with my friend Andi and she told me that she wanted to learn German. We excitedly swapped details of our German language…  Read