After checking in to our funny little hotel room, we set out in search of food. One of the first places we saw caught our eye was a restaurant that was part of a hotel and had a screen just inside the entrance with live footage of the cows on the owners farm. “This is what you ate” he would later tell us. A nice little touch. We did another loop but of course, we came back to the cows.

We had a really lovely dinner of the heavy, filling food we had expected to find in Austria. The kind of meal which so fills your stomach that you don't feel the need to eat again for about three days. And just because we were on holiday we also opted for dessert. Who can resist a home-made Strudel really?

5am church bells. Welcome to Salzburg Sunday morning. We walked out into the old town in search of breakfast and it was very much Sunday in Austria. We had to look for quite a while walking down the Getreidegasse and other streets before finding a place that was open – Carpe Diem and it was as pretentious as the name suggests.

The rest of the day saw us walking through Alte Markt Square and the picturesque St Sebastian cemetery with the magnificent Festung Hohensalzburg as it's backdrop. We took the funicular to the top of the hill to the castle and stood in wonder at the beauty of the towns rooftops below us and the glorious white Alps in the distance. Taking the funicular up to the fortress for the views alone would be worth it. We took a tour of part of the fortress which afforded us yet more stunning views from another higher vantage point.

Walking along the Salzach and past the Sacher hotel was a must and we considered stopping outside to order the cheapest drink we could find just to spend some time outside this beautiful building.

We made our way towards the gorgeous Schloss Mirabel gardens and wove our way through the shadowy trees, where we snagged ourself a park bench and rested in the sunshine with Viennese music drifting on the wind from the nearby buskers.

We headed back over the river to the old town and walked through the streets which were now more alive than earlier but the majority of things were still closed, including Mozarts Geburtshaus.
We stopped for a snack in a little back street outside this funny little cafe/restaurant where we ordered sausages and mustard and filled red peppers.

As the sun started to set we hurried to the Hotel Stein roof terrace where we could watch the last of the golden rays sink into the mystical Alps. I sat with a blanket covering me, sipping an Aperol Spritz and really enjoying the beautiful scenery from a wonderful view point.

We indulged in a few more drinks at the rooftop bar, but I must admit we cowered inside after half an hour. Even with the blanket, it was freezing up there and the setting sun had nothing more to give us.

I was pretty happy with the amount that we managed to do in just one day and given that it was a Sunday and our options were quite limited, I thought we did quite well.

We went to bed excited for our train ride to Vienna in the morning. I was really looking forward to seeing some of the country side and relaxing on the train for a while. Next stop: Schnitzel city!

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