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Berlin New Zealand

A quick trip to Seoul is a very sad thing indeed. There are so many places to see and so many dishes to eat. If you only have a couple of days in Seoul then here is my recommended itinerary: At the airport: You can jump on an amazingly convenient train which connects you to Seoul station in the…  Read

Gangnam Style
Nov 24

There has been a lot of mention recently about Gangnam thanks to Si and his ‘Gangnam style’ I thought I would give a little insight into the real Gangnam as I knew it. Gangnam was one of my favourite places in Seoul. It is known as the Beverly Hills of Seoul and is across from the Han river…  Read

My last weeks in Seoul
Oct 24

Fond ESL memories My mum made the trip over to Seoul for my birthday the month before my teaching contract was up. It was so great to have her stay with me. She fell in love with the country and it was so sad to say goodbye to her after a week and a half. For about a month before her arrival I…  Read

Welcome to Seoul
Oct 11

Arriving in Korea wasn’t the culture shock I expected it to be. I had prepared myself for the infamous winter. I’d read up on the insufferably spicy food, the apparent xenophobia I would encounter and I had my 5 years of Tae kwon do and a red belt to my name. Stepping out of the airport into…  Read

My boyfriend and I are visiting Korea for a few days on our way to New Zealand next January. Since I have lived there for 19 months and miss it more each day, I am incredibly excited to return for a brief visit. I really can’t wait to show him the quirky digs that we used to frequent and eat my…  Read