Fond ESL memories
My mum made the trip over to Seoul for my birthday the month before my teaching contract was up. It was so great to have her stay with me. She fell in love with the country and it was so sad to say goodbye to her after a week and a half. For about a month before her arrival I spent a good portion of my mornings creating a Seoul survival guide for my mum as I would still be teaching for half of the day and she would need to be able to find her way around.
I included a self drawn map of my neighbourhood, the numbers of busses she could take to different locations, phonetically written helpful Korean phrases, phone numbers of people I knew and pages of other information. I really enjoyed compiling this little booklet and my mum has kept it as a sweet little memory for us to look back on.

Highlights of my mum’s visit include:


Her sit in the back of one of my classes and watching me teach for a day. All the kids were so excited to meet my mum and she brought along a few little presents from New Zealand to hand out to a few of them.

The day I treated my mum to a foot massage and doctor fish spa at a special foot clinic in my neighbourhood.

Spending my birthday shopping in the vibrant Dongdaemun markets. Dinner, Drinking and shuffle board later that night with my friends in Gangnam.

Taking my mum to my local pub where she met the lovely flirtatious bar tenders, beating her in a game of darts and drinking cheap Korean beer.

Walking through the Palace grounds in Seoul and eaves dropping on any English tour guide we heard.
And of course, Korean barbeque!

It was such a special trip and I love that I have someone who knows exactly what I’m talking about if I start waxing lyrical about Korea.

Mum was able to take back an entire suitcase of the stuff I had accumulated in my stay there so I was free to leave South Korea with just my backpack and travel for the next couple of months. Very helpful!

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