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Jan 23

I realised recently that a few of my travels in the past few years have inadvertently taken on a literary theme and seen me visit some locations of my favourite characters and books. Some of the best: As I was travelling around Dresden in 2011 I was thinking about Slaughterhouse five and Billy…  Read

It’s a sad fact of life there are people out there who will try to take advantage of you. Being a tourist makes you an especially vulnerable target for many things. It is not always obvious when travelling if something that is happening is out of the ordinary and should be observed with caution…  Read

I can’t concentrate on anything right now. I’m far too excited about my pending trip. I love travelling so much, the lead up, packing, the flight itself and of course arriving in said destination! In the spirit of my current state of excitement here are a few travelling tips that I have picked…  Read

My plan for Germany was always very vague. I had set up my itinerary for the first three months including a month spent at a summer camp in Korea on my way over to make a little extra money. The first two months I spent learning German in two different cities; Freiburg and Köln (Cologne). In my…  Read

Packing for an indefinite travel period is really hard. I have done it twice and I improved the second time around. But I think the hardest part about the packing is being satisfied with what you brought for an extended period, especially if you are not planning to earn money for a couple of months…  Read

I’d say it’s the same in any metropolitan city - London, Paris, New York: we as expats rely heavily on public transport. Those of us who are motivated enough to have a bicycle or have enough energy at the beginning or end of the day to walk will know what all of us moles are missing out on.…  Read