Packing for an indefinite travel period is really hard.

I have done it twice and I improved the second time around. But I think the hardest part about the packing is being satisfied with what you brought for an extended period, especially if you are not planning to earn money for a couple of months like me.

At first it was ok in Korea it was really warm and we were supplied with a Camp T shirt which we were asked to wear at least 3 days a week. This was easy to just throw on with a skirt or jeans. When I got to Freiburg it was still really warm for the first three weeks and I managed to get by with skirts and dresses. But when I got to Cologne I struggled. I had brought one pair of boots with me and I exhausted these with every possible outfit I could put together. Plus they were not water proof so I was out of luck if there were puddles on the ground. After three months my clothing supply was becoming monotonous, tedious, tired! I needed something new, but I couldn’t afford anything. I know a lot of girls would not have any problem with living out of their suitcase for three months, but I am not one of those girls. I love shopping and buying new things and for me this three month hiatus was a real tribulation. The challenge ascended when I moved to Berlin and started my job on an intern wage (which is really next to nothing) and I wanted to wear nice outfits to work. Plus it had become really cold and I was struggling to make a summer outfit paired with tights and merino tops work for much longer. I was resenting my closet.

The solution is either buy second hand, or at shops like the New Yorker and H & M only to have the clothes lose their shape after a few washes and develop those horrible pilly fabric balls after two weeks of wear. Or there are these wonderful things called Clothing swap parties. I found one on the Couch surfing website. The rules are, take along at least 5 pieces of clothing you no longer wear or want and place them on the corresponding tables. At 8pm it’s a veritable free for all, you can take as many articles as you want.

I think there are a lot of girls getting more active in organising these things. I have seen them on different Facebook groups as well as Couchsurfing. So keep an eye out for one in your city.

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