Getting excited about things is one of the best feelings in the world. As we get older the things we look forward to and anticipate with foot tapping impatience change a lot. This becomes especially apparent to me at Christmas each year. As I get older I think that perhaps that exciting, magical Christmas build up fades as I become more cynical and cranky.

Christmas can be the time of getting shoved in the mall, people going out of their way to express an overly animated ‘ahhhh!’ if you get caught in one of those sidewalk dances: ‘I’ll go left, oh no you’re going right, ok I’ll go right’. Those are a little bit frustrating on any given day however, they usually slip by with both parties smiling at how silly the situation is and both walk on as usual.
At Christmas, all the very important people with very little time on their hands are out doing very important shopping and God forbid you step left as they step right. It’s the time of year where people fail to hold doors open because as I mentioned those same people are just far too busy, more so than the rest of us of course. People need things done on time and before that pending day arrives, so patience disappears entirely.

Phew that is my moan about Christmas. I should stop going to the mall on my lunch breaks.
I made it my mission the other day not to get caught up in the negative air that pervades the entire shopping area. If someone was going to cut me off, I would just let it go and wait for them to move. If someone let a door slam in my face, I would open it. People stepping on my feet, shoving me when there was plenty of space either side of me, and of course rude sales people, would all fade away with a smile. It was difficult. I just wanted to get on the speaker system and yell ‘Hey everybody! Relax!’

But back to my point, the excitement! Oh that incredible feeling that accompanies a countdown. Maybe it’s because I grew up in New Zealand and I have always had sun drenched Christmas days, that I find it hard to get into the spirit with all the dreary weather and short, dark, cold days leading up to Christmas.
All my life I’ve seen and heard hype about the unfamiliar ‘white Christmas’ in movies and in Christmas carols and I have to say, I’m not sold.

It could be because I won’t be with my family for a second year around. I spent last Christmas eve eating Pringles in my rented room while it rained outside, Skyping my family who were sitting outside in the sun about to enjoy a delicious barbeque. Christmas day was thankfully better and I was generously invited by a fairly new friend/colleague to a Christmas dinner at her friend’s apartment. They were both Australian so it was nice to be with people who were possibly feeling the same way I was.

But this year I am excited, not so much for Christmas, though it will be much nicer to be with my boyfriend this year, but only a week or so after Christmas I will be flying home! The excitement, the anticipation, the imagination running away with me and completely taking over my day dreams, is potent. I know I’ve already written about all the things I am looking forward to doing, seeing, eating but I just can’t help myself! I haven’t been home in eighteen months.

Having this to look forward to, is taking the edge off of spending another Christmas day away from home and it’s taking the stress away from the omnipresent irritability outside.
There is no time for homesickness now, only home anticipation.

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